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Silvia Dennis

Silvia Dennis is a brilliant software programmer and works in a multi-national company in New York but besides that she works as an author too. She lives in New York with his family and loves to write content. She is in this business from almost eight years and now she is an expert in writing. As a software programmer Silvia has been involved with a group of team for developing many world class software programs, Video recovery software is one of them. This program has been adjudged a better recovery software by the experts.

Apart from being a software programmer and a content writer, Silvia Dennis is a good photographer also. Photography is her hobby and she loves to take nature’s photographs mostly. She is living a wonderful life.

Steve James

Steve James is working with a leading software firm in New Jersy, where he lives with his grand parents. From his childhood Steve was a brilliant student and always wanted to get himself in this very business. His dream came true when he was selected during his campus selection during his Engineering course. He is now a successful software programmer who has been involved in developing various software programs. Recently Steve with a group of team has been developed a video recovery software which has proved a fine video recovery tool by the expert software programmers.

In his leisure period Steve James loves to play Tennis with his friends. In a very short period of his life he has achieved the success what one could ever dreamt of.

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